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Our Amicus Filings On Behalf Of The Local Churches
CRI Research Staff

Is the Qur'an Credible?
Hank Hanegraaff

Should Christians Be Cobelligerents in Ecumenical Coalitions...
Scott Klusendorf

Is Colossians 2:8 a Warning against Philosophy?
Moyer Hubbard

From Vampires to Jesus
Gene Edward Veith

The CRI Resource Center includes resources that have statements and positions on non-essential, secondary issues that we would disagree with. We also occasionally carry resources that include views that fall outside of the "pale of orthodoxy". We offer these resources for those wishing to study "all sides" of various issues and we make every attempt to identify those items by including a disclaimer in their description. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, by clicking here.

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