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EPA Recognizes JOURNAL with Top Awards for 2002
The CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL received the honorable Award of Excellence in the Organizational category for 2002. The JOURNAL also received the First Place Award in the critical review category for Bob and Gretchen Passantino's book review on Challenging the Verdict. Steve Bright, Assistant Editor, was in Atlanta in May 2003 to accept the awards at the Evangelical Press Association's annual convention.

The Evangelical Press Association (EPA) recently recognized the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL with several top awards. At their 2001 annual meeting in San Diego, our Christian journalism peers in the EPA awarded the JOURNAL with the Award of Merit in the organizational publications category; First Place for Full Color Cover for the "Good Fantasy and Bad Fantasy" issue (Tim Jessell, illustrator; Dwayne Cogdill/Cognition Design, art director); First Place in Best Redesign and Fifth Place for Overall Publication Design.

The EPA also awarded the JOURNAL with several other top awards: the Award of Merit in the organizational publications category, the Critical Review and Biblical Exposition awards, as well as an award for Full-Color Original Art. The JOURNAL was also celebrated with a prestigious secular award in PRINT MAGAZINE'S Annual Regional Design Issue. PRINT is one of the premier graphic design magazines in the country. Each year PRINT holds a competition in which the winning entries represent the best and hottest new graphic design in the country. The JOURNAL was recognized for Layout and Design of the Volume 22, Issue 2 JOURNAL (the T. D. Jakes Cover Issue). This cover was selected from more than 39,000 submissions.

EPA High Honors Award in 1998
The EPA recognized the JOURNAL with an honorable top award! After winning the Award of Merit three years in a row in the organizational publications category, the EPA gave the CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL a highly coveted award, the Award of Excellence last year. The JOURNAL won overall excellence for writing, design, and editing. Elliot Miller, editor-in-chief, was in Chicago on 29 April 1998 to accept the award given at the 50th anniversary Evangelical Press Association annual convention.

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