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http://www.equip.org/prodimages/J061.jpgThe Christian Research Journal
The Christian Research Journal is CRIís flagship, award-winning apologetics publication and we think youíll appreciate all that a subscription to the Journal has to offer. 

Your subscription brings you in-depth feature articles with comprehensive research on apologetics, new religious movements, and issues of theological concern; answers to your Bible questions; practical evangelism tips for sharing your faith with people of other faiths or no faith. 

And all this right to your door! The Journal doggedly pursues the truth on todayís most difficult and controversial issues. And we bring it all together using powerful graphics in an eye-catching full-color format.

There isnít a better time to try the Christian Research Journal. You wonít want to miss these articles in the current edition: The Goth Culture; Ethical, Medical and Theological Perspectives on those in Vegetative States; Arguments from Second Century Church Fathers on the Deity of Christ.

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Letter from Hank

An electronic version of Hank's monthly communiqué to our constituency.
Dear Friend, The faith you and I share is under increasing attack in America. I am convinced the year ahead will be decisive in this historic struggle. Of course, you can expect the Bible Answer Man program to keep exposing errors, my...

Hank's Resource of the Month

B193.gifReasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics
William Lane Craig

This book by respected philosopher and theologian William Lane Craig has been thoroughly revised and updated to equip believers in the successful proclamation of biblical truth claims. The author gives careful attention to crucial questions and conce...


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