A Letter From Hank

Dear Friend,

    The faith you and I share is under increasing attack in America.  I am convinced the year ahead will be decisive in this historic struggle.

    Of course, you can expect the <i>Bible Answer Man</i> program to keep exposing errors, myths, and lies of cults and false religions -- including Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientology, Word of Faith, New Age, and Islam.

    But there is an equally serious and growing attack on our faith, arising from “non-religious” quarters.

    For example, National Geographic launched a new broadside against our faith last Christmas with the prime time special, The Secret Lives of Jesus.  They also ran an encore presentation of another widely-publicized assault on the Bible’s reliability, The Gospel of Judas.

    Both programs use historically dubious manuscripts to make false claims about our Lord’s life and ministry. 

    Both repeated the oft-told lie that orthodox Christians hushed up the really exciting truths of Gnostic “gospels” purportedly written by biblical characters such as Mary, Thomas, Phillip and Judas.

    The real truth, as renowned New Testament scholar N.T. Wright points out in a recent interview with Christianity Today, is that during the second and third centuries, “the people being thrown to the lions and burned at the stake and sawed in two were not the ones reading Thomas and Judas and the Gospel of Philip and the Gospel of Mary.  They were the ones reading Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.” 

    Sadly, we’re becoming The Da Vinci Code society, where many are being deceived by the sheer quantity of “credible” attacks on Christianity, their doubts confirmed by even the wildest, most baseless conspiracy theories.

    These attacks must not go unanswered!  As a friend of this ministry, you have an important part to play in making sure they won’t.

    Your generous gift today will help CRI respond with the truth
. . . to make the case that the things we believe are true . . . that the biblical record is accurate . . . and that all these “historical” Jesus’ just discovered by modern scholars are only myths and frauds.

    You and I must do our part to defend these truths.  That’s why the Bible Answer Man broadcast will continue to engage the skeptics, day-in and day-out.  That’s why we’ll expose false teachers, answer the cults, and confront issues from a Christian perspective.

But please remember, I count on your prayers and financial support to keep this vital ministry going.

    As a "thank you" for your gift to the ministry, I will send you a book that will help you understand apologetics and feel secure in your faith in Christ.  Written by veteran Christian apologist James W. Sire, it’s called A Little Primer on Humble Apologetics.

    Drawing from years of experience, Sire shows you how to share your faith with maximum effect.  You’ll especially appreciate his five key arguments for the Christian faith -- and five powerful answers to common objections.  His sage advice will help you easily apply the most powerful apologetic tools to situations you commonly face when sharing your faith.

    In fact, if you’ve been wondering how you will be more equipped to defend the gospel, this is the book you must have!  So let me rush you a copy with my thanks for your gift to the Bible Answer Man today.

    Your kind support is what makes this ministry possible, and I trust you know how deeply grateful I am for it.  Thank you!

                        With warmest regards,
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Hank Hanegraaff

Your generous gift is critical to making sure that Bible answers will keep on coming for you and others who need them. So please send your gift today, and be sure to request your copy of A Little Primer on Humble Apologetics.


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